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Supernet, Pakistan’s leading IT &Communications solutions provider joins Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Supernet, Pakistan’s leading IT &Communications solutions provider joins Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Microsoft CSP program would help the Company expand its current offerings and provide a complete end-to-end experience for customers in need of Managed Cloud Services.

Over the past year and a half, businesses have experienced dramatic disruptions around the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Businessesin every industry have turned to digital technologies for the resilience and agility necessary to survive. The needfor enterprises to have access to their systems and applications from home and office simultaneously has never been larger. In this more distributed environment, teamsneed access to corporate resources across multiple locations and devices.

In response, Supernet has accelerated its efforts to support and helpits customers with a world-class cloud offerings to deliver a great productivity experience with increased versatility, simplicity and security.Cloud based solutions deliver innovation and transformation of I.T.operations that help businesses increase productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, improvecollaboration with customers and business partners, and increase competitiveness. These cloud based solutions are highly scalable, reliable, and secure as compared to the traditional on-premises solutions. The Microsoft Cloud offers countless advantages to businesses of all sizes.

In line with its One-Stop-Shop strategy, over the last two years Supernet has expanded its portfolio of products and services by introducing a wide range of cyber security solutions, IT Infrastructure solutions and Power Solutions. A number of new entities have been created under the umbrella of Supernet Group of Companies, including SuperInfra, which will be marketing the Microsoft Cloud Solutions in addition to its other product lines.

Mr. Hassan Jafri VP Enterprise Sales commented, “While businesses are rapidly moving towards cloud based solutions, it’s absolutely vitalfor us to adapt quickly to theseconstantly evolving customer needs and provide world-class cloud services and solutions. With our Microsoft CSP Partnership, our customers not only gain access to the new cloud-based solutions, they can also rely on our team of experts to help them design the best solution to manage Hybrid work.”

About Supernet Limited

Supernet Limited, one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunications service provider and systemsintegrator, has been operating since 1995. Supernet offers a full portfolio of local-to-globalintegrated communications infrastructure solutions to Telecoms, Defense, Enterprise andGovernment entities. Supernet’s “Connectivity” products and services include a broad spectrumof Wide Area Network (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) solutions based onsatellite, fiber optics, microwave and radios. In recent years, Supernet has established itsexpertise in domains including cybersecurity, power, networking and surveillance solutions aspart of its “Beyond Connectivity” initiative thereby offering a richer portfolio of solutions andservices to customers. For more information, please visit

About SuperInfra

SuperInfra is part of the Supernet Group of Companies. SuperInfra offers a wide range of Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure and Power solutions that help businesses achieve their ICT objectives targets in a cost effective and efficient way. A 100% subsidiary of Supernet Limited, SuperInfra operates as an independent solutions provider while leveraging the strengths of Supernet and other related companies. SuperInfrateams have the expertise and experience to design, implement, operate and maintain entire ICT infrastructure for customers that is scalable, flexible and reliable.