Hallmark Company Limited

Hallmark, a subsidiary of Telecard Limited and Holding Company of Supernet Limited, offers a wide range of products falling under the Information Technology umbrella, including devices for Datacenter, End User Computing, and Identity and Security Portfolio. The company is committed to carving a niche by providing timely and cost-effective solutions, accompanied by high-quality pre and post-sale support services. Hallmark is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, with its shares traded on the regular market.


Telecard Limited, a public company listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Telecard is a full-service telecommunications provider with licenses for both Local Loop (LL) and Long Distance & International (LDI) Services. While Telecard’s roots are in the public payphone market, today Telecard provides a suite of services to Corporate Customers in Pakistan, as well as International Wholesale services.

Supernet Group of Companies

Supernet Limited

Supernet has been a market leader in IT & Communication services since 1995. It offers a full portfolio of local-to-global communications solutions to enable key business processes of its customers. With its unmatched technical expertise, extensive range of services and solutions, and broadest presence of support staff, Supernet services are available anywhere across the country.

Supernet Secure Solutions (Pvt. ) Ltd. (Supersecure)

Supersecure, a new venture of Supernet Limited, is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with a dedicated team of experts, focused on Information Security Solutions and Services. Supersecure is committed to bring cutting-edge technologies and solutions from the world’s leading vendors for our valued customers.

Supernet Infrastructure Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd

Supernet Infrastructure Solutions (SuperInfra) is part of Supernet Group of Companies. SuperInfra offers a wide range of Power and ICT Infrastructure solutions that help businesses achieve their profitability objectives through the best use of advanced equipment and technology. SuperInra comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions includes Data Center Infrastructure, LAN & WIFI Solutions, Surveillance Solutions, Microsoft Services and Routing and Switching Solutions. In addition to the IT solutions, SuperInfra also offers Solar Power, Backup Power and Operations & Maintenance solutions.

Supernet E-Solutions (pvt.) Limited

Supernet E-Solutions (SES) offers pre-packaged software and integrated ICT solutions to automate the most common processes of organizations to help improve productivity and quality of services.

Phoenix Global (Supernet Global Solutions)

Phoenix Global is our UAE based company that offers a wide range of IT & communication solutions to the International clients.