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Supernet and Avara Technologies Announce the Award of a Multi-Million Dollar Long-Term Program to Supply Multiplexers and Associated Services in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan and Melbourne, Australia - 25th May 2021 – Pakistan based SupernetLimited (“Supernet”) announced today that they, in conjunction with their Australian partnerAvara Technologies Pty Ltd (“Avara”), have been awarded a long-term program lasting over adecade by a major Pakistani customer for the supply of multiservice multiplexers and associatedoperations, maintenance, warranty and support services. The program includes establishmentof a repair facility in Pakistan and transfer of knowledge through an expansive training programenabling in-country engineers and technicians to rectify faults throughout the equipment’slifecycle.

Challenged by the obsolescence of their existing equipment and the backward compatibility ofany new equipment that would be acquired, Supernet’s customer struggled with costs andeffective delivery of services. By teaming up, Supernet and Avara have been successful indelivering the nonpareil solution to address their challenge.

Avara’s DynaFlex product family is a flexible, fully featured, access multiplexer with powerfulcross-connect and protection capabilities. With the ability to handle a wide range of interfaceslike POTS, SCADA, Ethernet, Serial Data and Tele-Protection, the DynaFlex platform is an idealchoice for transporting mission critical TDM services over PDH, SDH, Ethernet or MPLS-TPpacket-based interfaces. DynaFlex offers a broad range of hot pluggable channel cards tocomplement a range of physical interfaces in a modular manner.

Earlier this year, Supernet and Avara successfully delivered in time the first batch of Dyna Flex multiplexers under Phase 1 of the program despite supply chain and logistics challenges due tothe COVID-19 pandemic. And today, the customer has formally launched Phase 2 with Supernet.

Elated by the success of their first venture together, Supernet and Avara have reaffirmed theirlong-term commitment to the Pakistan market by expanding their efforts to introduce Avara’sproducts and Supernet’s services to other entities in the country. Additionally, Supernet andAvara are exploring the growth of their partnership for the broader Middle East and Central Asiaregion.

“Supernet, with our trained and experienced manpower, extensive presence in Pakistan andrich history of providing technology services have added to our technical and service deliverystrength through our partnership with Avara. We are once again enabling our customers to takeadvantage of the best-in-class solutions. In a challenging business environment made evenmore difficult by the global pandemic, our solutions, services and timely support has enabledour customers drive down their costs and stay ahead of the obsolescence curve. And we areas always proud of and grateful for the trust that our customers place in us.” commentedAli Akhtar, Head of BU Telecoms and Defense, Supernet.

“Avara Technologies is thrilled to have worked with Supernet on this particular project inaddressing obsolescence. As is always our process, working with our valued Partners to betterunderstand customer needs, has achieved an outstanding result by updating customer’s currenttechnology, reducing costs, and providing a solution that is environmentally sustainable. Evenwith the challenges brought on by COVID, our partnerships have enabled us to ensurecontinuity in our development activities, production as well as delivering training effectivelymeeting challenging expectations. Avara looks forward to working with Supernet in the future oneven more exciting and innovative projects.” – LashaAponso C.E.O. Avara Technologies.

About Supernet Limited

Supernet Limited, one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunications service provider and systemsintegrator, has been operating since 1995. Supernet offers a full portfolio of local-to-globalintegrated communications infrastructure solutions to Telecoms, Defense, Enterprise andGovernment entities. Supernet’s “Connectivity” products and services include a broad spectrumof Wide Area Network (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) solutions based onsatellite, fiber optics, microwave and radios. In recent years, Supernet has established itsexpertise in domains including cybersecurity, power, networking and surveillance solutions aspart of its “Beyond Connectivity” initiative thereby offering a richer portfolio of solutions andservices to customers. For more information, please visit

About Avara Technologies Pty Limited

Avara Technologies is a supplier of world-class optical, industrial Ethernet, voice and datacommunication products for utilities, service providers, and infrastructure providers world-wide.Avara is driven by technology innovation and a commitment to delivering top quality products,exceptional support and value to customers. Avara’s focus is to be the customers’ and partners’preferred supplier for optical, voice and premium data network equipment solutions so that canrely on Avara’s field proven products to deliver mission critical networks all over the world.Avara was established in 2002 and is represented in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, APAC andAustralia. For more information, please visit

Supernet’s Contact:
Ali Akhtar
Head of BU, Telecoms and Defense
Phone: +92-345-278-1872
Avara’s Contact:
Alex Lioznov
Business Development Manager - Global
Phone: +61-432-127-327