Power Solutions


  • Ranging 20KW to 100KW packages to meet small & medium sized commercial units e.g. offices, large Enterprises and factories.
  • Mainly Grid Tied solutions with some smaller battery backup to run the critical ICT load during power outages.
  • Offering best competitive packages, including Power Purchase Model for branch networks


  • Ranging 100+KW to MW capacity plant to meet large sized commercial units.
  • Grid Tied Solutions with high reliability and long term warranty.
  • End application based plant design
  • Power Purchase Agreement – PPA model available (Above 200KW plant Capacity)
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction – EPC model

PPA Based Model

Our PPA solar deployment model at large Commercial and Industrial sites, and forms the operations and maintenance (O&M) agreement for the PPA term on a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) basis. The electricity is sold on subsidized rate to the customer, ensuring savings, without incurring any upfront cost and/or marginal cost.

EPC Based Model

Supernet Infrastructure Solutions (SuperInfra) has a strong relationship with top class vendors ensuring maximum energy yield and long term reliability of offered solar components & solutions. We have experts to ensure for timely after sales technical support. We offer the best competitive pricing per Watt and/or per KW.