Access Technologies

Largest Provider of Satellite Services in Pakistan

We are one of the most established satellite communications solutions providers in Pakistan with experienced team and extensive satellite network that enables our customers to build and operate the business anywhere without worrying about connectivity.

Dedicated SCPC VSAT Services

Supernet is the first provider of VSAT services to the corporate sector in Pakistan. Despite the broad availability of terrestrial services in the country, Supernet continues to support mission critical applications of its customers in the Power, Oil& Gas, Construction, and other sectors.

Hub Based Services

Supernet also provides Hub-based satellite access services. Well suited to low data usage environments like rural bank branches, ATMs and other remote branch office connectivity requirements.

Yahclick Services

Yahclick is an enterprise level satellite broadband services provided by the UAE based Yahsat. Supernet has been a National Services Partner of Yahclick since inception of the services, and has successfully integrated Yahclick services into the overall networks of its customers.

High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Services

Supernet is the only service provider in Pakistan, and one of the few providers globally, who have the access, skills and rights to provide service on Geostationary (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) based satellite systems. Supernet has successfully designed and delivered very large capacity links in remote areas of the country for its customers.